A beer like an Elf


Article published in L’Avenir newspaper.  Has the Elfe de la Belle Roche left the banks of the Amblève for the village of Sur la Heid?  This is where André Grolet brews his … ELFique, beers which bit by bit are gaining a well-deserved reputation.

It was in the old family farm that this butcher by profession began to brew blondes, dark beers, amber and white beers, as a second job initially, which was a wise move.  He had already tried some ‘home-brews’ as a way of learning about fermentation. He also visited various breweries, as far away as Canada. You can find these beers, as original as they are delicious, at markets, from suppliers Harray and Corman and also in most cafés in the region or at the K-Nel flower shop at Aywaille, not forgetting at André Grolet’s smart tasting room.  So, let’s have an Elfique beer… but drink responsibly!

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