Are you a distributor, retailer, in the hospitality business… in Belgium or abroad…? Would you like to sell Elfique?

Elfique is

  • A recognised brand: it has a place of origin, a story, a heritage
  • A complete range of quality Belgian craft beers
  • A production capacity of 6,000 hl in an ultra-modern production site
  • A drive to innovate by regularly introducing new beers created in keeping with brand values
  • Constant marketing support along with a knowledgeable and ever-growing customer base

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Produce your own beer

Are you an entrepreneur, a brand owner, a distributor… in Belgium or abroad…?
Would you like to produce your own craft Belgian beer?

As well as producing its own range of craft beers under the Elfique brand, Brasserie Elfique s.a. has decided to put its know-how at the disposal of partners in order to develop certain products within a set range of specifications: amber, blonde, dark and white beer.
This expertise is coupled with modern and flexible production techniques (the bottle formats and volumes for example), meaning that the brewery is able to respond to specific B2B requests.
Each individual request is analysed carefully whether it concerns specific beers, customised solutions, or outsourced work.

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A l’instar de nombreuses marques, Elfique reçoit énormément de demandes de sponsoring, de partenariat et de soutien dans des domaines variés. Ces sollicitations témoignent d’une confiance certaine vis-à-vis de la marque. Toute demande est légitime et bienfondée.

However, it is impossible to give a favourable answer to all of them.
This is why only reasoned requests which meet the following criteria will be considered.

Targeted exposure of the brand
Win-win business potential
Activities which are in line with the values conveyed by the brand

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