The Elfique Experience


Original activities for team building events, or outings for families or friends.


We invite you to share the Elfique experience in this exceptional setting, in the forests bordering the river Amblève.

The site of the Elfique brewery and the surrounding countryside are full of the magic of the Amblève and our Ardennes. Whether you come for a guided tour or a tailormade event, you’ll go home with unforgettable memories.



Brewery tour

The guides who lead the brewery tours are true enthusiasts who bring Elfique to life. You’ll even find out some of the secrets of the success of our beer. All the steps in the beer-making process are explained.

The visit is also an opportunity to marvel at the rich history of the site, where the river and men have been working together for so many centuries.

Duration : +- 30 min.


Discovery walking tour

The trails and hills which encircle Raborive are well worth exploring.

Crossing by zip line, forest paths and/or via cordata. Along the Ourthe and Amblève valleys, the most beautiful viewpoints are often only accessible via mountain paths or rocks.
You can discover them by following completely safe routes, with just the right amount of thrills.

Possibility of abseiling.

Back at the brewery, we end the activity with a visit of the production site and the historical site.

Duration : min. 2h30

No. of participants : min. 10 persons

This activity is open to everyone.


Tailor-made walking tours including a visit session

Aywaille and its surroundings abound with natural treasures and a unique countryside. We can set up an itinerary for you through our beautiful region, based on your instructions (distance, difficulty, stages and refreshment stops, organised with collective transport, etc).

On your return to the brewery, you will find the welcome for walkers is worthy of their exploit.


Cohesion workshops

For team building, or to promote synergy within a team, there’s nothing better than undertaking some well-designed tasks.

Various playful workshops during which the team will have to show inventiveness, cohesion, creativity and communication in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that encourages exchanges.

Duration: 60 min. per workshop


The Shooting Trilogy

Activity divided into 3 distinct but complementary workshops:

  1. The “Keep In Mind” game: the aim is to memorize a series of objects, each with a story. We are not talking about common objects but about equipment related to the snipers’ operational missions.
  2. Spotting: this is an observation exercise; spotting targets and potential threats with binoculars.
  3. Shooting: precision shooting with exercise weapons produced under FN Herstal license , intended for the training of recruits of elite units. Biodegradable and non dangerous bullets.

Duration: about 30 min. per workshop

No. of participants: min. 15 persons


Mapreading trail

GPS has replaced maps, but doesn’t lead us along walking trails, and doesn’t guide us anywhere once the battery is dead. To rediscover the pleasure of really knowing where you are and where you’re going, there’s nothing better than a good map, a good compass and a spot of training before you head off on an adventure.

Duration: 60 to 120 min.


Mountain Trail in Sy / tour in 4x4 vehicles

Beautiful landscapes, steep valleys, vertiginous rocks, a beautiful river, sometimes quiet, sometimes tumultuous, an austere and mysterious valley…

After a drive 4×4 training, departure with our 4×4 vehicles to the starting point of the walk.

Mixed pedestrian course: mountainous and uneven environment / river bank. Two secured vertiginous passages, easily avoidable for those who do not want a challenging route.

Passage by the most beautiful viewpoints of the Ourthe valley: the Crêtes de Sy, the Roches Delvennes, the Pic de la Nandouir, the natural resurgences, the Rochers de la Cathédrale, the Grotte des Vignobles, the Rocher de la Vierge and the dry stream of the Ru de Filot.

Return by iltis to Raborive.

Duration : half a day


Activities are under the guidance of highly qualified personnel.


All the activities at the Elfique Experience are under the guidance of highly qualified personnel. The forge is run by a blacksmith. A brewer and an engineer are guides for the tours and beer tasting sessions. Those in charge of activities at height are certified commando instructors, and the monitors are trained by them. Personal and collective protective equipment is used in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations and is subject to regular inspections.

We are woodcutters, supporters of local tradition, mechanics and craftspeople.We are proud to share our experience with you: we hope you enjoy your time with us and learn a little about the mysteries of our beautiful Ardennes region.

Five covered areas and a private island
Five covered areas and a private island


Car parking area for 300 cars, which can also be used for marquees and temporary structures.

Do you have an idea? A special request? Get in touch, our solutions are designed around you!


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