Where can I find it?

Enjoying an Elfique craft beer at home or in a bar or restaurant couldn’t be simpler!  Below you will find our distributors and retail partners (if you want to buy it) and also our partners in the hospitality sector (if you want to enjoy it in a bar).

Notice to our partners. This list is intended to be as complete as possible.
If you distribute Elfique but you are not on the list, let us know and we will make sure you are included.

List of outlets

Enjoy it Georges Brasserie Rue de Beaufays 44, 4140 Sprimont
Buy it Match Braine-L’Alleud Av De La Belle Province 73, 1420 Braine-L'Alleud - website
Buy it Match Docks Bruxelles Quai Des Usines 163, 1000 Bruxelles - website
Buy it Match Food And More Huy Quai Batta 10-26, 4500 Huy - website
Buy it Match Forest Chaussée D'Alsemberg 171, 1190 Forest - website
Buy it Match Spa Av Reine Astrid 71, 4900 Spa - website
Buy it Smatch Stembert (Verviers) Av Fernand Desonay 10, 4801 Verviers
Buy it Magasin D’Ici Chaussée De Marche 940, 5100 Naninne - website
Buy it Spar Comblain Quai De L'Ourthe 14, 4170 Comblain-Au-Pont - website
Buy it Match D’Andenne Av Roi Albert 17, 5300 Andenne - website