Tasty ideas from Jean-Philippe Watteyne at Aywaille


Article published on “Les Ambassadeurs” page on the RTBF website. Elfique is a craft beer brewed in the little village of Sur la Heid located above the Heid des Gattes in the commune of Aywaille in the Province of Liège. It has been brewed since 2005 by André Grolet, who produced it, in his microbrewery now called Elfique, previously known as Au Grimoire des Légendes.

Elfique is currently available in 2 varieties. Elfique Ambrée, also known as La Robuste, is an amber beer with 7 % alc./volume, special, generous and soft, with a fresh after-taste.  Slightly bitter. Contains malted barley. Some deposits which do not detract from its quality.  An amber colour so soft it reminds you of toffee. This is the first beer to have been brewed.

L’Elfique La Redoutable: this is a Triple dark beer of 8% alc./volume. Contains flavours of liquorice, apple syrup and plums, and is sold in 75 cl bottles.

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