Where can I find it?

Enjoying an Elfique craft beer at home or in a bar or restaurant couldn’t be simpler!  Below you will find our distributors and retail partners (if you want to buy it) and also our partners in the hospitality sector (if you want to enjoy it in a bar).

Notice to our partners. This list is intended to be as complete as possible.
If you distribute Elfique but you are not on the list, let us know and we will make sure you are included.

During the lockdown, you can still enjoy your favourite Elfique beer, which is available at all good supermarkets, in a 40 km radius of Aywaille…

List of outlets

Buy it Delhaize Burenville

Rue St Nicolas 410, 4000 Liège – website

Buy it Proxy Louveigné

Rue de Romouchamps 38A, 4141 Louveigné – website

Buy it Delhaize Haccourt

Av Reine Fabiola 27, 4684 Oupeye – website

Buy it Delhaize Heuzy

Av de Spa 66, 4802 Heuzy – website

Buy it AD Trois-Ponts

Avenue de la Salm 150, 4980 Trois-Ponts – website