Elfique, the beer of Aywaille


Article published in the Couette de l’Ours blog.  After 2 years spent travelling around the world to find out all the secrets of this beverage, André Grolet returned to the old family farm at Aywaille, to create, produce and develop his own elixir and his own brand.

On top of that, he studied hard and became the first zythologist in Belgium (zythology is the study of beer, brewing and breweries from a historical and technical standpoint. It is also concerned with how it is enjoyed with food). As a connoisseur, he can share with people many interesting facts about this very popular but also underestimated beverage.

La Robuste, an amber beer of 7% alc./volume. The perfect compromise between a blonde and a dark beer, generous, soft, fresh aftertaste. Slightly bitter. Contains malted barley.  Deposits which do not detract from its quality.

André Grolet suggests you drink it with dried fruit, or nuts (such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashews).  The main dishes he recommends it with: Liege style meatballs, rabbit with spéculoos sauce, casseroled or roast pork and poultry dishes; and to accompany hard cheeses such as Comté, or with a dessert such as a crème brûlée.

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